A beautiful combination of ergonomic design and comfort. When Scania developed the cabs for their new truck range, there was a clear benchmark to start from and exceed – the popular and justifiably renowned cab interiors in the current P, G and R cabs. In the new generation, Scania has incorporated everything from its combined experience in the area with the results and feedback from hundreds of press tests, customer workshops and, not least, feedback from drivers. The results have all the ingredients for setting a new standard in the industry.

“The challenge is creating a flexible range of cabs that can, without compromise, offer the right solutions and right functionality for all applications and needs,” says Göran Hammarberg, Head of Cab Development at Scania. “Despite the fact that needs can differ radically in different driving situations and assignments, our goal is for all drivers to be able to feel confident that no one else can offer a better solution for their particular truck and the conditions they work in.”


At DRIVE you can see a cut-away version of the new cab.