Volkswagen AG uses various cookies on its websites. Cookies are small files containing configuration information that are stored on your end device. There are basically three categories of cookies.

So-called functional cookies are essential for the functionality of the website. The processing of the functional Cookies is necessary to enable your visit to the website (cf. Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. b GDPR).

The comfort of a website visit is increased by so-called comfort cookies, which save your language settings, for example. The legal basis for Comfort Cookies is a legitimate interest (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR). The legitimate interest is providing comfort when visiting the website. You can object to data processing at any time with effect for the future. Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

So-called tracking cookies are used to create a pseudonymised user profile. Tracking Cookies are only set if the website visitor has given their consent (Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. a GDPR). Consent is given via the so-called cookie banner, which must be actively clicked on. Further information on the tracking tools used and how you can revoke your consent can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Within the categories described, different types of cookies are used. The most common types of cookies are explained below for your understanding:

While you are using a website, a session cookie containing a session identifier is temporarily stored in your computer’s memory, e.g. so that you do not need to log on again every time you change webpages. Session cookies are deleted when you log off or cease to be valid as soon as your session automatically expires.

A permanent or protocol cookie stores a file on your computer for the duration defined by the file’s expiration date. These cookies enable websites to remember your information and settings the next time you visit them. This speeds up your access and makes it more convenient, for instance because you do not need to adjust your language setting for our portal every time. The cookie is automatically deleted once its expiration date is reached when you visit the website that generated the cookie.

Third party cookies stem from a provider who is not the operator of the website. They can be used to collect information for purposes of advertising, user-defined content, and web statistics.

Pieces of data that are stored on your computer by a website are referred to as flash cookies if Adobe Flash is used to operate them. Flash cookies have no time limit.

You can object to data processing described above by using the listed cookies and tracking tools at any time with effect for the future by changing your cookie settings in your browser or clicking on the following link and changing your currently set preferences in our Cookie Consent Manager:

The following function cookies are used on this website:

Cookie name:      MATOMO_SESSID
Purpose:  Matomo statistics opt-out
Storage period:             Until the end of the session
Type of cookie:           functional cookies

Cookie name:      piwik_ignore
Purpose:  Matomo statistics opt-out
Storage period:             2 years
Type of cookie:           functional cookies